5 Herbs To Reduce Acid Reflux

Herbs For Acid Reflux

Try Herbs For Acid Reflux

Do you frequently suffer from acid reflux and heartburn?

Did you know that there are herbs you can take to effectively relieve these conditions?

Yes, it’s true. You can get relief from taking all natural herbs instead of the more conventional “over the counter” antacid remedies.

Here is a list of five herbs that may be beneficial to those of you suffering from acid reflux.

Rather than just treat the symptoms after the fact, herbs can be used to prevent the problem before it starts.


Ginger has been used to treat heartburn and acid reflux for thousands of years. It is a widely used digestion aid. It can also relieve nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach and vomiting. Ginger is probably the most effective and widely used natural herb for acid reflux.

Ginger relieves heartburn and acid reflux mainly though it’s anti-microbial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has been proven to be just as effective for motion sickness as Dramamine.

Ginger can be consumed as a tea or taken in capsule form.


Liquorice also possesses potent anti-inflammatory effects that are capable of preventing the development of gastritis and ulcers. Liquorice is also an effective antacid.

Liquorice can also help protect against duodenal ulcers. It is truly an amazing herb with many health benefits.

This potent herb is available in capsules or taken as a tea. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you should consult your doctor before taking this herb. Don’t take excessive amounts as it may cause headache.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper is mainly used as a taste enhancing herb, but also has medicinal properties. It can improve gastric circulation and help increase your digestive powers. You can simply add it to food to reap it’s health benefits.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is used to treat ingestion and peptic ulcers. Research has proven that this herb is a potent antioxidant and can noticeably reduce acid secretion.

This herb possesses the ability to protect the cells and prevent the formation of ulcers. It is a very good herb to prevent acid reflux.

Indian gooseberry can have a laxative effective if eaten in large amounts, so don’t over do it.

Indian long pepper

Indian long pepper is digestive stimulant. It is highly effective for enhancing digestion. It can help you better assimilate your food, as well.

Indian long pepper is a wonderful herb to take to reduce acid reflux. It also helps prevent gastric ulcers from developing.

So, if you’re tired of taking large amounts of antacids, why not try herbs for acid reflux and see how much better you feel.

If you’d like to try an all natural herbal remedy for Acid Reflux, I highly recommend using the Digestive Science Reflux Elimination System.

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