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Hi. This is Marinda Barros, the editor of this website. I’d like to introduce you to a supplement my husband Bill and I have been taking for several years now.

It’s called GenF20 Plus. We have both been taking herbs and health supplements for over 25 years now. We truly believe that this is the most important single thing you can do for better health.

We’re always on the look out for new supplements that we can try. Bill and I are over 45 years old, so a few years ago we started to seriously investigate anti-aging herbs and supplements. We were looking for something that would maintain our health and appearance and give us the energy we had when we were younger.

We were, of course already taking ginseng and other well known Chinese herbs at the time, but we were still looking for something that would have stronger and more noticeable effects.

After much research, we discovered that the main reason people look and feel older as they age is the dramatic decline in their body’s human growth hormone level after the age of 25. This is a natural hormone produced by everyone’s body. Young people have a lot of it and older people don’t. Pretty simple really.

After learning more about it, we decided that we would never want to take synthetic growth hormone. We always use all natural herbs and supplements. We searched for a natural solution and were eventually able to find a product that naturally boosts growth hormone using a combination of Chinese herbs and amino acids.

Here are the ingredients:

  • L-Arginine – 130mg
  • L-Glutamine – 115mg
  • L-Glycine – 100mg
  • L-Lysine – 100mg
  • L-Tyrosine – 100mg
  • L-Valine – 40mg
  • L-Ornithine – 25mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract – 80mg
  • Astragalus Root Extract – 60mg
  • Deer Antler Velvet – 50mg
  • GABA – 50mg
  • Colostrum – 50mg
  • Pituitary (Anterior) Powder – 30mg
  • Phosphatidyl Choline – 25mg
  • GTF Chromium – 0.1 mg

This is a powerful formula for anti-aging. After taking it for only one month, we realized that this was the supplement we were looking for.

The benefits are numerous. Higher energy levels, younger looking skin and hair, increased strength and stamina, better mood and memory, sharper thinking and an overall feeling of wellness.

Recently the product has been improved by using enteric coated tablets. These type of tables have a special coating on them that make them more absorbable by the body. Plus, they have added an oral spray. It contains botanical agents such as “Alpha GPC”. This is also a powerful anti-aging ingredient.

I just can’t say enough good things about GenF20. It’s surpassed all of my expectations of any health supplement. It’s truly in a class by itself. Bill and I have had absolutely remarkable results with it and I give it my highest personal recommendation.

But instead of me going on about it all day, you’ll find much more detailed information about the formula and hear from other people who use it at the main GenF20 product website.

It’s not often I find such an outstanding product that I’m proud to recommend. Genf20 is it. Please do take advantage of this wonderful opportunity today.

I wish you the best of health,

Miranda Barros



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