Herbs For Arthritis Relief

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Herbs For Arthritis

Even though the use of herbs to treat arthritis and it’s associated pain is not very conventional, it can, in fact be very effective. Arthritis often brings unbearable pain to the people who suffer with this malady.

Even the smallest movement of an inflamed joint can oftentimes bring with it terrible pain. So many people with arthritis rely on prescription pain killers to alleviate their suffering. Unfortunately, The use of these medicines often comes with a price. The price is unwanted and unpleasant side effects.

Fortunately, for us, there are many all natural herbs for arthritis treatment we can use. These herbs are effective and have been in constant use for many hundreds of years in all parts of the world.

If you suffer from arthritis and are looking for a way to relieve your condition without all the negative side effects, here are some herbs for arthritis pain you may be interested in.


The herb Arnica is one that works to alleviate pain and anti-inflammation. It should be used topically on the joints. Arthritis sufferers often use a arthritis cream made from arnica. It is also effective for sports injuries such as sprains.


Licorice exhibits cortisone like effects and strong and is an effective treatment for inflammation.

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh has been used for hundreds of years for relief from inflammation. Usually thought of as a “women’s herb” for menopause, it can also be used by anyone with arthritis.

Alfalfa and Hops

Herbs for arthritis, like Alfalfa and Hops are sometimes used for joint pain. These are usually taken as a hot tea. Ginger can be added to it to enhance it’s effect. Drink one cup a day to bring soothing relief.


Ginger consumed as a hot tea or used externally in a compress are both beneficial for reducing swelling. This remedy has been used for centuries in India.

American Ginseng

This type of ginseng is considered a herb for relieving pain. It makes a most effective tea that can help reduce inflammation caused by arthritis. Make sure you get real ginseng from a reputable source.


This herb has been used as a folk remedy in Europe for centuries. Angelica contains twelve substances that are anti-inflammatory in nature. It also possesses pain reducing and anti-spasmodic actions.


This herb from India, usually used as a spice, is also great for reducing inflammation. You can just use it while cooking or buy it in capsules from your local health food store or online.


Another good food for the pain induced by arthritis is pineapple. It’s bromelain content causes the reduction of swelling.

Stinging Nettle

To prevent ostarthritis, you may want to try some stinging nettle. It’s an effective pain reliever and can be combined with turmeric for extra potency.

White Willow Bark

The bark from the white willow tree offers effective relief of pain. Aspirin was originally made from this bark.


Boswellia inhibits inflammation and is almost as effective as non-steroidal prescription medicine.

These are just some of the many herbs for arthritis that can be used to relieve pain and inflammation. There are herbs for just about any health concern you may have.

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