History Of Herbal Medicine

Herbs History

History of Herbs

The history of using herbs for medicine dates back as far as the history of man itself. Thousands of years ago there wasn’t modern medicine and hospitals, so the people had to rely on what they had at hand. Herbs and plants where everywhere. Through trial and error, they discovered that certain plants and roots had specific healing properties. Some had to be taken internally and others had to be used externally.

The oldest form of health care is herbal medicine. Modern research has confirmed what people have known for many centuries. Herbs can heal and have real medicinal value. These herbs and plants naturally produce chemicals that are capable of healing the human body.

The healing herbs are used by every culture in the world. Even though we now have hospitals and prescription medicine, millions of people still rely on herbs to improve and maintain their health.

Sometimes the who plant is used for medicine and other times, just certain parts are used. As example would be ginseng. Just the root is used. Some of the parts of the plant that can be used to heal or prevent sickness are the root, flowers, bark, stems, leaves and fruit.

These parts are either applied directly to the skin or eaten to get their medicinal benefits. Herbs are still popular today due to the fact that prescription medicine sometimes has terrible side effects that are often worse than the condition they were made to heal.

As modern medicine progressed so did the art of healing with herbs. Scientists were able to produce medicines based on herbs and plant extracts. Herbs are useful because they contain concentrations of beneficial compounds.

Chemists analyze the compounds in herbs and isolate and extract the specific ones that have health benefits. They are then able to make synthetic drugs from them. Many people decide to just take extracts of the herbs themselves in powdered form in capsules or pressed into tablets.

The reason so many people prefer to take herbs and herb extracts in capsule form or in tablets due to the fact that many herbs have a bad taste and arent’ able to be mixed in juice or water. Some herbs do have a pleasant smell and taste, such as chamomile, ginger and cinnamon. These are very peopler in teas.

There are just so many health benefits in taking herbs, everyone should at least look into the prospect of taking them. Always consult with your doctor first though.

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