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Take Antioxidants To Stay Young

Picture Of Fruit High In Antioxidants

The market for anti-aging products is growing bigger all the time. Of these, there are many supplements which contain antioxidants. These are among the most beneficial to the consumer. Why are antioxidant containing products usually the best bang for your buck? Because they destroy free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to the body’s cells, causing them to oxidize. What Exactly Are Free Radicals? Free radicals were first discovered by Moses Gomberg in the year 1900…… Read more

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Age-proof Your Body With Colostrum

Picture of nursing calf

Colostrum, which is a type of milk made by the mammary glands of mammals in late pregnancy and several days after giving birth, has been used in the medical field for thousands of years. Before penicillin and antibiotics were used in the U.S. to help fight infections, medical experts recommended using bovine colostrum for a natural antibiotic. Colostrum powder was implemented in the treatment for rheumatoid arthritis starting in the 1950’s, and during this time doctors also used….. Read more

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