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Herbs Listed By Health Condition

Picture of herbs and pestle and mortar

  The herbs, plants and natural substances listed here have been used over many years by herbal healers to treat various conditions. This list is for informational use only. Never take any herb or supplement without first talking to you doctor. Never take any herb or supplement without your doctor’s consent if you are pregnant, nursing or trying to get pregnant. Never give herbs or supplements to children without first consulting their doctor. Always play it safe. This list….. Read more

Lycium Fruit

Picture of Lycium Plant

Lycium Fruit Benefits Lycium Fruit, more commonly known as Goji berries or Wolfberry grows mainly in northwestern China and Tibet. These places have some of the purest, nutrient rich soil on earth. The Lycium plant has vines that grow up to fifteen feet long, with small red berries. Their taste is sweet and sour. The berries can be used for cooking, made into tea or just eaten right off the plant. Lycium fruit has been eaten in China for over five thousand….. Read more

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