Take Echinacea To Stay Well

Picture of the Echinacea Plant

Take Echinacea For Colds and Flu

Enhinacea is as very effective herb with many health benefits. Even though there are nine species of Echinacea, the one used for healing is Echinacea purpurea.

People all over the world take Echinacea each day to help prevent flu and the common cold. It’s also good for any type of infection due to it’s immune strengthening properties and can help rid the body of microbial infections too. Sometimes this plant is also used to treat skin conditions such as boils and acne.

The entire plant and roots are the parts used for healing, though the root is believed to have the most powerful healing properties. It can be mixed into juice, made into tea or taken in capsules. It’s also available in a topical ointment for external use on the skin. Some people even use it in tooth paste and mouth wash.

Even though so many people swear by the results and take it every day, there isn’t a lot of scientific proof that it works. But this does not necessarily mean that it doesn’t. Why would so many people keep taking it for hundreds of years if they didn’t get some benefit from it?

The Native Americans used Echinacea to treat many types of ailments, including snake and insect bites. In the 1800s, this plant was very popular in the United States for it’s medicinal effects and quickly spread to Germany where it is still widely used today.

It’s often used as an antibiotic and was all that was available until modern medicine created more powerful synthetic versions. Even though interest has disappeared and reappeared over the years, Echinacea has never completely gone out of use.

Even though there still no known cure for the common cold, Echinacea is believed by many to help prevent it and reduce the severity of the symptoms if a cold is already in progress. The herb should be taken at the very first sign of symptoms to be the most effective.

People with multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, autoimmune disorders or taking steroid medicine should not take this herb. Pregnant or nursing mothers or children should not take Echinacea without the consent of their doctor.

So there are some of the benefits of this wonderful medicinal plant. You may want to give it a try the next time the flu and cold season come around. Or you can take it anytime while traveling, especially on crowded airplanes, trains or any confined spaces where you’ll be around people who may have the cold or flu.

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