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Ginseng Tea History and Uses

Picture of Ginseng Tea

For thousands of years, people have been making and drinking herbal tea. Ginseng tea is very probably the most well known of all herbal teas in the world. Ginseng tea is not made from the leaves, as are other teas. This healthy tea is made from the plant’s root only. Korean ginseng can be found growing in many parts of Asia, such as China and Korea. American ginseng comes mostly from Wisconsin. Korean ginseng is considered the more “warming” of the two. American ginseng is….. Read more

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How To Make Ginseng Tea

Picture of Making Ginseng Tea

The Chinese people have been drinking ginseng tea for about five thousand years. Practitioners in Chinese herbal medicine say if you are over 40, you should drink a cup of ginseng tea daily or whenever you aren’t feeling well. Ginseng isn’t a quick fix. It’s something you have to take over time. Tea made from ginseng can have a rejuvenating effect on the mind and body. It is said to increase strength and stamina and make a person feel young. Ginseng tea can not only improve….. Read more

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