Anti Aging Herbs

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Anti-Aging Herbs To Look & Feel Younger

If you would like to look and feel a little younger, there are some herbs that just may help you do that.

Some herbs have the ability to slow aging or at least reduce the effects of aging. There are herbs that can boost energy, make the skin and hair look younger and even improve memory. These are all important benefits for those of us over the age of 30 or 40.

Not only can herbs make you look younger, they can also make you feel younger. Imagine having your energy and stamina back like in your younger days. Think of all the things you could do again. Oh, what fun it is to be young!

Here are just some of the herbs you can use to age better as you reach your golden years. These are the most popular herbs and very easy to obtain in health stores or online. Let this be a start to your research. The Internet is a great source of information about herbs and herbal supplements for anti-aging.


Korean or American ginseng is very beneficial for people wanting to stay young as long as possible. This herb can reduce inflammation, increase mental and physical energy, reduce stress and it’s effects, help make the skin better looking and noticeably boost the immune system.

Gotu Kola

A native to India, Gotu Kola helps restore the skin and heal scars and blemishes. It is also good for memory.


A herb widely used in China, Jiaogulan (Gynostemma) increases the production of the antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase. This keeps the body and skin looking young. It China, this herb is called “the longevity herb”.

St. John’s Wort

This herb, besides relieving depression and anxiety, can also help to repair skin conditions, making the skin look younger. St. John’s Wort is good for insomnia, so you’ll get a more refreshing sleep and look and feel better each day.

Reishi Mushroom

A native to China and Japan, Reishi is said to promote long life and happiness. It may do this by lowering high blood pressure and boosting the body’s immune system.

Red Clover

Red Clover exhibits estrogen-like effects in the body and can help to keep wrinkles away and make the skin look beautiful again.


Found in the Himalayan mountains, Shilajit is a type of mineral paste found in cracks on the face of rocks. It improves libido and the immune system. It also has mental enhancing effects.


The berries of the Schizandra, if eaten every day, are said to make one’s skin radiant and beautiful. The berries also help to strengthen the body and mind. Used externally, Schizandra berries can make the hands soft and smooth.


Colostrum is a great immunity booster but it provides more benefits than just that. Research has recently shown that colostrum also helps slow down the aging process.

Deer Antler Velvet

The main ingredient that really enhances the anti-aging capacity of the deer velvet is the presence of IGF-1. IGF-1 raises the production of growth hormones in the pituitary gland. IGF-1 decreases wrinkles, increases your energy levels and makes you look and feel younger.

There are many other benefits of taking herbal supplements. These are just a few to get you started in the right direction.

Recommended Supplements

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