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Green Tea and African Mango: Apidextra’s Claim to Fame

Picture of  African Mango

Another slimming pill that’s been making waves in the market today is Apidextra. It assures rapid weight loss results in as short as two weeks by enhancing the body’s ability to burn fats and calories, and fight food cravings that can wreak havoc to anyone’s diet. If you’re looking into slimming down, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to try this product. But before you do, it’s best to get to know more about it, including its pros and cons so you can make an informed….. Read more

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Top 10 Herbal Medicines


Throughout history, people have turned to herbs as a natural source of remedies for their ailments. Today many pharmaceuticals include compounds derived from plants, or synthesized based on plant compounds. Many people have also returned to herbal remedies in preference to cocktails of modern pharmaceuticals. Consider ten of the plants that are most popular as herbal remedies. Eucalyptus A simple distillation from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree – a tree commonly found throughout….. Read more

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Chinese Medicine And ‘women’s Problems’

Chinese Medicine

There has been no safer time in history for a (Western) woman to have a baby. Modern medicine, and it’s practitioners, is geared to support the health and preserve the lives of both mother and child. Not so long ago, thousands of women died each year in childbirth, or lost their babies during labour. In many countries around the world this remains true, and infection following the birth is another major killer. Children, though, especially in Asian cultures, are seen as a great….. Read more

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Herbal Treatments for Women with Postmenopausal symptoms

Woman having hot flashes

The term menopause is given to the stage when a woman starts experiencing various changes in her body system due to the stopping of the menstruation process in the body. The sudden ending of menstruation indicates the end of her ability to produce young ones. The reproductive function completely stops after the occurrence of menopause in the women. Generally, a woman shows a definite set of signs and symptoms while undergoing the menopausal phase or just before the occurrence of this….. Read more

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Natural Treatments for Hair Loss in Men

Hair Loss Treatments

Causes of Hair Loss Being bald and losing hair is often known as alopecia. This can lead to partial loss of hair or complete loss of hair. Most of the time males will experience alopecia because of a hereditary condition. In addition, alopecia can be caused by the influence of the male hormone DHT in the man’s body. Pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss. This type of hair loss is normally caused by typhoid fever, pneumonia, the flu and even stress. Many people….. Read more

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Top 5 Benefits Of Using Herbal Incense

Benefits Of Using Herbal Incense

5 Benefits Of Using Herbal Incense There are so many benefits of using herbal incense and to be honest with you, it will never be easy to cover all those benefits in one single blog post. If I want, I can write a whole e-book about the benefits of using herbal incense. However, I will keep this post short and let you know about the top 5 benefits of using herbal herbal incense. Below are the 5 benefits of using herbal incense in your house. Make Your House Smell Good This is….. Read more

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Natural Acne Treatment Methods

Picture of girl with acne

Mainstream, over-the-counter or prescription medications can not only be costly acne solutions, but harmful to your body in the long run. However, there are a number of natural remedies that are a healthy and powerful solution to conquering a bothersome bout of acne. Tea-tree Oil and Lemon Juice Thirty minutes prior to your daily shower, rub a moderate amount of pure lemon juice over your face. This may sting or itch for about a minute, but this is the antiseptic properties of the….. Read more

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Chlorella and the Global Starvation Threat in the 1940s

Picture of Chlorella Tablets

Chlorella is a blue-green algae thriving in freshwater. It is known to have large amounts of chlorophyll, the pigment used by green plants for energy creation. Chlorella benefits are still being investigated today, but did you know that it is already popular in countries like Japan and is commercially available inn powder and capsule forms? Did you also know that it was explored decades ago as a “superfood” that can help meet the food demands of the world, which then was….. Read more

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5 Endangered North American Plants With Significant Medicinal Benefits

Picture of Wild Yam plant

Plants have been used medicinally for thousands of years in practically all human cultures, from the traditional medicine of ancient China to Ayurvedic remedies in India to Native American healing salves. Plant-based medicine has been a staple of healing in the ancient world, but there is a huge place for it even today. Still flourishing in a marketplace flooded by chemicals and pharmaceuticals, medicinal plants have irreplaceable roots in all human medicine. In fact, 80% of the….. Read more

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Herbs To Beat Adrenal Fatigue

Picture of woman with adrenal fatigue

What Are Adrenal Glands? The adrenal glands are small glands positioned directly above each kidney. Their job is to maintain proper blood sugar levels and regulate the metabolism of protein and fat. They are also responsible for releasing the hormones adrenaline, DHEA and cortisol. What Is Adrenal Fatigue? Adrenal fatigue is believed to be caused by too much stress. When a person experiences high levels of stress for a prolonged period of time, their adrenal glands work….. Read more

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Take Antioxidants To Stay Young

Picture Of Fruit High In Antioxidants

The market for anti-aging products is growing bigger all the time. Of these, there are many supplements which contain antioxidants. These are among the most beneficial to the consumer. Why are antioxidant containing products usually the best bang for your buck? Because they destroy free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to the body’s cells, causing them to oxidize. What Exactly Are Free Radicals? Free radicals were first discovered by Moses Gomberg in the year 1900…… Read more

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What is Gotu Kola?

Picture of Gotu Kola Plant

Gotu Kola is a very important herb that is used in traditional Chinese Medicine and is often used for quite a few medicinal purposes. If you aren’t familiar with this herb and are thinking “what is Gotu Kola”, then you will want to read on to get a better understanding of this herb. As part of a treatment plan, the portion of the plant that grows above ground is harvested for use. Patients will then consume anywhere from 60 – 180 mg orally as needed for the medical condition they….. Read more

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Kelp Benefits For Your Health

Picture of kelp

Kelp is an edible marine algae which grows along various shore-lines. The best kelp varieties grow along the Norwegian and Nova Scotia coastline. The variety which grows on the Norwegian coastline is referred to as the Ascophyllum nodosum. These sea-weeds are a popular meal among various cultures including the Japanese and have numorious health benefits. Kelp contains over 12 vitamins, 20 major amino acids and 60 key chelated trace mineral. Kelp supplements which are available in….. Read more

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The Health Benefits Of Wheat grass

Picture of Wheat Grass

Drinking wheat grass juice or consuming it in some other form, such as tables or powder are thought to bring about some major health improvements. Many consumers who have already tried this method are extremely satisfied with the results obtained and would recommend this supplement to anyone. Wheat grass powder and its benefits The powder obtained from wheat grass usually contains 70% chlorophyll, which makes it very healthy. This substance is crucial for plant life. Over the….. Read more

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Health Benefits Of Barley Grass Supplements

Picture of Barley Grass Field

Barley is a nutritious superfood rich in various vitamins, minerals and proteins and can be used extensively in multiple forms throughout its life. Barley as a fully mature grain is used for making breads and cereals and also for feeding livestock. The fact that it can be grown in wet, dry, cool and even warm regions makes it immensely popular all over the world. Though there are many uses of barley as a fully matured grain, the maximum health benefits can be derived from it when it….. Read more

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Pumpkin Seed Powder Benefits For Your Health

Picture of Pumpkin Seed Powder

Most of us probably remember eating pumpkin seeds as children. What fun it was to clean the pumpkins on Halloween and have Mom roast the seeds in the oven. Besides being a tasty treat, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed powder are also very healthy. Pumpkin Seeds – High In Nutrition Pumpkin seeds are loaded with nutrition. They are rich in vitamins A, K, B3 and folate. They also contain minerals such as potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, copper, selenium and….. Read more

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Argan Oil Benefits For Skin and Hair

Picture of Argan Oil

What is Argan Oil? Argan oil is a type of oil that is extracted from argan tree kernels. It is highly prized for its cosmetic properties. It is often used for treating dry skin, wrinkles, acne, stretch marks, eczema and psoriasis. Where Does Argan Oil Come From? Argan oil comes from Southwestern Morocco and can only be extracted from trees in this area. The argan tree is endangered and is grown in a UNESCO protected biosphere. The oil is rare and highly prized as each tree only….. Read more

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Using Herbs For Body Detoxification

In order for your body to function at its best, its important to rid it of accumulated toxins. Your body will work much more efficiently when it’s clean inside. When your body is free from toxins it will be better able to heal itself too. One of the best ways to detox your entire system is with the use of cleansing herbs. This isn’t just something you do once and then you’re done. It’s a program you can use throughout your life to help your body to dispell toxins daily and keep it….. Read more

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Foods That Are Good For The Skin

Picture of Acerola Cherries

It’s often been said that we are what we eat. This is certainly true when it comes to the skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ and deserves as much care as we can give it. Take a moment now to consider your diet. Have you been feeding your skin in a way that will keep it healthy? Most of us would have to answer no to that question. Just think of all the greasy hamburgers at fast food restaurants that we gobble down each year. Not really good food for the skin is it? Here is….. Read more

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Cure Acid Reflux With Apple Cider Vinegar

Picture Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Do you suffer from acid reflux? I used to until I tried a wonderful home remedy. What is it? Nothing more than plain old apple cider vinegar. Surprised? I know I was. Who would think that something so inexpensive and easily obtainable could be so effect for stopping acid reflux? Apple cider vinegar has been used for many years as a home remedy for such conditions as sinus infections, high cholesterol, acne, allergies, chronic fatigue, arthritis, sore throats and even acid….. Read more

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Age-proof Your Body With Colostrum

Picture of nursing calf

Colostrum, which is a type of milk made by the mammary glands of mammals in late pregnancy and several days after giving birth, has been used in the medical field for thousands of years. Before penicillin and antibiotics were used in the U.S. to help fight infections, medical experts recommended using bovine colostrum for a natural antibiotic. Colostrum powder was implemented in the treatment for rheumatoid arthritis starting in the 1950’s, and during this time doctors also used….. Read more

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6 Superfoods To Make You Look Younger

Picture Of Goji Berries

If the signs of aging are getting you down, try these six superfoods that will make you look younger and improve your health too. Goji Berries Goji berries, secret of the Hollywood stars, are an extremely nutritionally dense food and boast an amazing concentration of minerals, amino acids, vitamins, essential fatty acids and photochemicals. With a nutritional makeup like this, it’s no big surprise that they are the latest anti-aging miracle food. These berries are native to….. Read more

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Trace Minerals – What Are They?

Picture Of Spirulina Tablets

When talking about health, you may have heard the term trace minerals mentioned before. The term trace minerals usually refers to minerals that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body but are needed in very small amounts. Most trace minerals are often found in extremely small amounts in the human body. Amounts so small that they are measured in the “parts per million” range. Some macro minerals such as potassium and calcium are required by the body in large amounts…… Read more

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Deer Antler Velvet – The Anti-Aging Miracle

Picture of a deer antler

Using deer antler velvet in the use of medicine is really something that started with the Chinese in ancient times. Where the Chinese used deer antler velvet to its advantage is the fact that they used it to promote wellness to their people as a whole even before they became sick. The standard American way of medicine involves treating someone after they have already become ill. See the difference? With that said, the Western medical world has begun to see the benefits of deer….. Read more

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Free Radicals And Antioxidants – How They Work

Fruits and Vegetables With A High ORAC Score

Just what exactly are antioxidants and how do they work to protect your cells? Many people want to know the answer to this question. Antioxidants are nutrients contained in the human body and also in fruits and vegetables. These nutrients are absolutely essential to the proper functioning of the body. They maintain good health by fighting the destructive aging of cells. They also protect cells from cell oxidation and damaging free radicals. Properly functioning cells, as a….. Read more

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Flaxseed Oil Health Benefits

Picture of Flaxseed Oil

The flaxseed plant (Linum Usitatissimum) is a great source of fiber. Scientific studies have proven that it has many health benefits due to its high content of omega-3 fatty acids and other essential fatty acids. Regularly taking flaxseed oil can maintain proper blood pressure, protect from heart disease and lower high cholesterol. If you have recently suffered from a heart attack, taking this oil could possibly prevent another one from happening. If you suffer from….. Read more

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Herbs To Treat Facial Acne

Lady looking at face in mirror

Facial acne can occur when the pores of this skin get clogged by dirt and oil. Bacteria easily grows in this dirt and oil, which causes an inflammatory reaction known as blackheads and whiteheads. Rather than use a prescription medicine, you may want to try to treat acne with all natural herbs first. There are several herbs that are known to be effective in fighting facial acne. Yellow dock, a herb from Europe was often used to treat constipation and or diarrhea. It is also known….. Read more

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Green Superfood Benefits

Lady Drinking Green Superfood

What Are Green Superfoods? Most people classify green superfoods as healthy and nutritious greens such as barley grass and wheat grass. Also green algae, like chlorella and spirulina are considered green superfoods. There are others of course, but these are the most well-known. You may be asking yourself, why you would want consume these green superfoods. Actually, there are many reasons why you may want to. First of all, they are very healthy and nutritious forms of whole….. Read more

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Eat Blueberries To Stay Young

Picture of Fresh Blueberries

Blueberries do a lot more than just taste delicious. These little super fruits are packed with powerful antioxidants and phytochemicals that can promote good health and keep us looking and feeling young. Research done by the USDA has found that blueberries have the highest ORAC rating of the most popular 20 fruits. ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity and is a way to measure the antioxidant content of any food. The higher the ORAC rating, the better able food is to….. Read more

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Cat’s Claw – Miracle Healing Herb from the Amazon

Picture of Cats Claw Plant

Many people are calling Cat’s claw, the new biochemical nutrient from Peru, “the miracle herb from the Peruvian rain forest”. Cats claw is a high climbing woody type vine that grows in the upper Amazon areas of South America, such as Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. The vine climbs by using its curved thorns, hence the name cat’s claw. Cats claw’s botanical name is Uncaria. this comes from the Latin word which means hook. Among the natural healthcare proponents, this herb has been been….. Read more

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GenF20 Facts and Information


Hi. This is Marinda Barros, the editor of this website. I’d like to introduce you to a supplement my husband Bill and I have been taking for several years now. It’s called GenF20 Plus. We have both been taking herbs and health supplements for over 25 years now. We truly believe that this is the most important single thing you can do for better health. We’re always on the look out for new supplements that we can try. Bill and I are over 45 years old, so a few years ago we started….. Read more

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Herbs To Relieve Pain

Picture of Lady with Neck Pain

Today, more then ever, people are going back to natural pain relief remedies. Many people are tired of the high cost and dangerous side effects of prescription drugs. Herbs can help. People have been using herbs to treat many health conditions such as pain for thousands of years. Herbs can be used to treat many pain related ailments such as rheumatism, joint pain and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Herbal Remedy For Rheumatism Pain Rheumatism is a condition mostly effecting….. Read more

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Herbs To Prevent Hair Loss

Picture of Man Looking At His Hair In Mirror

Did you know that there are herbs that can fight baldness? Yes. There are some natural herbs you can take to actually help prevent thinning hair (a condition called alopecia). Hair loss affects most men as they age. Progressive thinning of hair is the most common type of balding. Many men start having this problem as they reach the age of forty. Around fifty percent of adult men suffer from a condition called male pattern baldness. The symptoms include “receding brow” or….. Read more

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Green Tea Benefits

Picture of Green Tea

The people of China have known about and consumed green tea as a medicine for over four thousand years. Legend has it that the Chinese emperor Shen Nung was drinking a cup of hot water when some tea leaves fell into his cup by accident. He drank it and found it tasted good. He continued to make the tea and discovered it’s many healing properties. Shen Nung’s discovery spread all throughout China and soon became the most popular drink in the country. Modern science has….. Read more

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Cayenne Pepper For Constipation

Picture of a Cayenne Pepper Plant

Irregularity is a miserable condition. It’s uncomfortable, painful and unhealthy. If you suffer from chronic constipation, it’s even worse. Constipation can cause toxins to build up in your bloodstream, causing many other more serious problems. Cayenne pepper has been used for hundreds of years as a home remedy for constipation. It works by promoting peristalsis, the contraction of the large intestine. It also promotes good digestion. When eaten, it is soothing to the digestive tract….. Read more

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Take Rhodiola Rosea For Better Looking Skin

Picture Of Rhodiola Rosea Plant

More and more people these days are turning to natural herbal treatments for their ailments. Several reasons for this are, they are less dangerous than the side effects that often accompany prescription medicine and are much less expensive. While it is true that taking herbs to treat a health condition may take longer to get results, they are still very effective and much safer. There are herbs to treat almost any health condition you can think of. There are also herbs you can….. Read more

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The Best Supplement You Can Take

Picture of the best supplement

    Herbs are great. They can be used for maintaining general health and also to treat specific health ailments. But the single best supplement you can take for your health is so overlooked that hardly anyone knows about it. What is the main thing that young people have in great quantity that older people don’t? The answer is, high levels of human growth hormone in their system. That’s the big difference. Young people naturally have a lot of this hormone. It’s….. Read more

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What Are Chinese Herbs

Picture of Chinese Herbs

There are a lot of people interested in traditional Chinese herbs these days and want to know more about them. Many of us are fed up with doctors pumping us full of prescription drugs, which often have dangerous side effects. While prescription medicine is very necessary for some health conditions, Chinese herbal medicine is proven safe and effective for many health problems and may also be considered when treating an illness. Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years in….. Read more

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What Is Comfrey

Picture of Comfrey Plant

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is a herb that has been used for centuries for it’s wound healing abilities. It’s also known as Bruisewort, boneset and knitbone. Historically, comfrey was used to treat bone fractures, back pain, varicose veins, bruises, sprains and strains and skin ulcers. The FDA has warned that it should not be used internally or liver damage my result. It is also considered to be a carcinogenic substance. There are still some uses for it externally though it’s….. Read more

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Aloe Vera – For More Than Just Minor Cuts and Burns

Picture of Aloe Vera Plant

Everyone should keep an aloe plant in their home. If this is not possible, at least keep a bottle of pure aloe gel handy. Aloe Vera is great for treating minor cuts, scrapes and burns. It is also quite effective for sunburn. If you do experience a minor cut or burn, just break off a small part of one of the leaves of your aloe plant and squeeze the gel directly onto the afflicted area. Don’t wipe it off. Let it dry on the skin. It will help to heal and also prevent….. Read more

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5 Herbs To Reduce Acid Reflux

Herbs For Acid Reflux

Do you frequently suffer from acid reflux and heartburn? Did you know that there are herbs you can take to effectively relieve these conditions? Yes, it’s true. You can get relief from taking all natural herbs instead of the more conventional “over the counter” antacid remedies. Here is a list of five herbs that may be beneficial to those of you suffering from acid reflux. Rather than just treat the symptoms after the fact, herbs can be used to prevent the problem before….. Read more

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Chokeberry For Anti-Aging

Picture of Chokeberries

Many of us now realize that some foods offer more anti-aging benefits and are healthier than others. This is especially true of berries. Many berries are very high in antioxidants that prevent cellular damage by free radicals. One such berry that is not very well known is the Aronia berry. You may know it by it’s common name of Chokeberry. Chokeberries aren’t nearly as popular as blueberries and strawberries because they don’t taste very good. They have a highly astringent taste….. Read more

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Health Benefits Of Grapes

Picture of Purple Grapes

For thousands of years, grapes have been heralded for their nutritional value as well as their use as a medicine. It is knows that the Egyptians consumed grapes over six thousand years ago. Yes, grapes have been around for a long time. They’re not only delicious, but also great for our health. But not just the fruit of the grape is used for it’s medicinal benefit. The vines and leaves also possess healing properties. An ointment made from grapevine sap was used by….. Read more

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Valerian For Sleep

Picture of Valerian Flowers

Valerian root is a widely popular natural sleep aid. It has impressed many researchers with it’s health benefits. It’s been used to treat insomnia for thousands of years. It calms the emotions and promotes faster, deeper sleep. Valerian is a perennial plant native to Asia and Europe, but can now be found growing in parts of the United States as well. It is extremely popular in Germany and is approved by their government for use as a sleep aid. Health supplements in the U.S. do….. Read more

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Herbs To Reduce Allergies

Picture of Lady Sneezing

There are many herbs for allergies. Read on to discover which ones can bring you effective relief. Even though modern science has made great advances in medicine, many people prefer a natural alternative to treating the symptoms of allergies. Many prescription medicines and even over-the-counter remedies can bring on nasty, unwanted side effects. These include raising blood pressure, dry mouth, feeling groggy or dizzy and many others. Why suffer through all of this….. Read more

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Herbs To Help Memory Loss

Picture Of Man With Memory Loss

Before enduring the dangerous side effects and high cost of prescription medicine, many people are now looking for a more natural alternative. There are many herbs for memory loss that can be easily obtained at the local health store or online. They are natural and way less expensive too. Before enduring the dangerous side effects and high cost of prescription medicine, many people are now looking for a more natural alternative. There are many herbs for memory loss that can….. Read more

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Siberian Ginseng Benefits

Picture of Siberian Ginseng Plant

Ginseng comes in three main varieties. American ginseng, Siberian ginseng and Korean ginseng. While all are considered adaptogens and very beneficial to health, they each have their own unique properties. Today, let’s talk about Siberian ginseng. Though called ginseng, it technically is not a true ginseng. It does not belong to the same genus of plants that Korean and American ginseng do. Never the less, it has many of the same properties of ginseng. Siberian ginseng’s real….. Read more

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Herbs For Arthritis Relief

Picture of Arthritis Pain In Hands

Even though the use of herbs to treat arthritis and it’s associated pain is not very conventional, it can, in fact be very effective. Arthritis often brings unbearable pain to the people who suffer with this malady. Even the smallest movement of an inflamed joint can oftentimes bring with it terrible pain. So many people with arthritis rely on prescription pain killers to alleviate their suffering. Unfortunately, The use of these medicines often comes with a price. The price is….. Read more

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Anti Aging Herbs

Picture of Young Looking Couple

If you would like to look and feel a little younger, there are some herbs that just may help you do that. Some herbs have the ability to slow aging or at least reduce the effects of aging. There are herbs that can boost energy, make the skin and hair look younger and even improve memory. These are all important benefits for those of us over the age of 30 or 40. Not only can herbs make you look younger, they can also make you feel younger. Imagine having your energy and….. Read more

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Holy Basil Tea Health Benefits

Picture of Holy Basil Tea

Holy Basil is a plant that grows mostly in warm areas of Asia. It has been used for many hundreds of years as food seasoning, tea and medicinal herb. This herb has a very rich aroma and makes a wonderful caffeine-free herbal tea. It not only tastes great, it also has some impressive medicinal properties. It has historically been taken to calm the mind, as it has a relaxing effect when taken. It is a great remedy for stress and anxiety. The Ayurvedic medicine system used in….. Read more

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5 Medicinal Mushrooms That Can Improve Your Health

Picture of Maitake Mushroom

Most of us have probably cooked with and eaten mushrooms. But did you know that some of them have very potent healing properties too? We may have tried the more common mushrooms like button and portabella, but there are some less well known mushrooms that are even better for us healthwise. Medicinal mushrooms, though sometimes flavorful, are not used for cooking like common mushrooms. They are most often made into tea or dried and ground into a powder and put into….. Read more

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The Magic Of Maca Root

Picture of Maca Roots

Maca is a small root which grows in the Andes Mountains of Peru. It has no problem growing in altitudes above twelve thousand feet. It is an extremely hardy plant. The Maca root looks similar to a radish or turnip but has many more health benefits. It’s roots have been harvested as a source of food by the Inca people for over two thousand years. Not wanting to over-harvest wild maca, they now cultivate it to keep up with the growing demand from other countries, such as the….. Read more

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Ginseng Tea History and Uses

Picture of Ginseng Tea

For thousands of years, people have been making and drinking herbal tea. Ginseng tea is very probably the most well known of all herbal teas in the world. Ginseng tea is not made from the leaves, as are other teas. This healthy tea is made from the plant’s root only. Korean ginseng can be found growing in many parts of Asia, such as China and Korea. American ginseng comes mostly from Wisconsin. Korean ginseng is considered the more “warming” of the two. American ginseng is….. Read more

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How To Make Ginseng Tea

Picture of Making Ginseng Tea

The Chinese people have been drinking ginseng tea for about five thousand years. Practitioners in Chinese herbal medicine say if you are over 40, you should drink a cup of ginseng tea daily or whenever you aren’t feeling well. Ginseng isn’t a quick fix. It’s something you have to take over time. Tea made from ginseng can have a rejuvenating effect on the mind and body. It is said to increase strength and stamina and make a person feel young. Ginseng tea can not only improve….. Read more

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Eucalyptus – A Powerful Decongestant

Picture of Eucalyptus Tree

Eucalyptus is said to be one of the most useful trees on the planet. It’s name means “well covered” as it’s cap covers it’s flower before it buds. It is a tall tree that loves water. It’s very fast growing and can grow up to 400 feet tall. It can usually be found in damp areas and moist valleys of rich soil. For centuries, Eucalyptus has been used as a powerful expectorant and decongestant. For example, Vick’s is made from Eucalyptus oil. It is rubbed on the chest and back to….. Read more

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Chamomile Health Benefits

Picture of Chamomile Flowers

The herb Chamomile has been in constant use for thousands of years. It has been used to treat a plethora of ailments and health troubles, such as stomach upset, diarrhea, gas, insomnia and even anxiety. Most of the time Chamomile is taken as a hot tea, but can also be used externally for skin problems, like lesions and hemorrhoids. The flowering tops are the part of the Chamomile plant that is used for it’s medicinal properties. These are what are used to make the healthy….. Read more

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Spirulina Tablets Vs. Multi-Vitamins

Picture of Spirulina Tablets

First of all, let’s take a moment to talk about what spirulina actually is. Then we’ll discuss why you would want to take it in addition to or instead of a multi-vitamin. Spirulina is considered a blue-green algae. It is a single celled algae and grows in bodies of warm, fresh water. The cells are larger in size than most algaes and adhere in colonies, making the plant easier to harvest. Under the microscope, it would look spiral in shape. This is where it’s name comes from…… Read more

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Health Benefits Of Alfalfa

Picture of alfalfa field

When most people think of alfalfa, they probably think it’s just something animals graze on. Not so! It’s actually a very beneficial plant. It’s loaded with nutrition and health improving nutrients. Alfalfa is a perennial herb that has been used for hundreds of years for it’s nutritional value and also for it’s healing properties. Research suggests that Alfalfa may lower cholesterol and impart many other health benefits to anyone who consumes it. Millions of people throughout….. Read more

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Herbs To Help You Sleep

Picture of a lady sleeping

Rather than take expensive and dangerous prescription sleeping pills, why not first try some all natural herbs to help you get some much needed rest. There are many herbs that you can use to help you relax and get to sleep faster and have a more sound sleep too. Probably the best known herb for the treatment of insomnia, is Valerian. It has been used for centuries as a mild sedative and sleep aid. This plant is native to North and South America, Europe and Asia. The root is….. Read more

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Goldenseal Benefits For Your Health

Picture of Goldenseal in bloom

Goldenseal or “the yellow root” as it is sometimes called, is a perennial woodland herb that grows in the North Eastern region of the U.S and is part of the Buttercup family. Goldenseal is used for it’s many medicinal properties in a variety of ways both topically as well as internally. This herb has been in constant use since the mid nineteenth century and continues to have a strong following due to it’s effectiveness in treating many ailments. It is one of the most widely used….. Read more

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Take Echinacea To Stay Well

Picture of the Echinacea Plant

Enhinacea is as very effective herb with many health benefits. Even though there are nine species of Echinacea, the one used for healing is Echinacea purpurea. People all over the world take Echinacea each day to help prevent flu and the common cold. It’s also good for any type of infection due to it’s immune strengthening properties and can help rid the body of microbial infections too. Sometimes this plant is also used to treat skin conditions such as boils and acne. The….. Read more

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Herbs For Healthy Aging

Picture of healthy couple

There are so many herbs that can assist you in maintaining great health as you get older. Even if you are already healthy, you can still feel better by using herbs. Herbs are whole food and unlike prescription medicines, generally won’t harm you. People take herbs for many different reasons. Some take herbs to boost energy, relieve indigestion, for skin conditions, for better mood and thousands of more reasons. There’s a herb for just about any situation you can imagine. Herbal….. Read more

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History Of Herbal Medicine

Herbs History

The history of using herbs for medicine dates back as far as the history of man itself. Thousands of years ago there wasn’t modern medicine and hospitals, so the people had to rely on what they had at hand. Herbs and plants where everywhere. Through trial and error, they discovered that certain plants and roots had specific healing properties. Some had to be taken internally and others had to be used externally. The oldest form of health care is herbal medicine. Modern research….. Read more

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The Benefits Of Rhodiola Rosea Tea

Rhodiola Rosea Tea

In this article about Rhodiola Rosea, we’ll be discussing some of the benefits and side effects of drinking tea made from this herb. Rhodiola Rosea is an extremely tough plant. It can thrive in the harshest of environments even though it only has one root. It has many medicinal benefits too that we’ll soon take a look at. Rhodiola is generally found in the high, cold mountains of Siberia. For hundreds of years, people have gathered the greenish blue leaves of this plant and….. Read more

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Herbs To Reduce Anxiety

Herbs For Anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety. You’re not alone. Millions of people in the world have this very same problem. Sometimes anxiety in natural, like be anxious before a first date or an important test at school. But many times people have anxiety all of the time for no apparent reason. Most people can handle normal levels of occasional anxiety. People who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks are at risk for serious health problems, such as insomnia, loss of appetite, ulcers,….. Read more

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St. John’s Wort for Depression

Herbs to take for depression

Over twenty million Americans suffer with depression. While there are many prescription medicines to help alleviate the problem, there are herbal alternatives, such as St. John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum). This plant is native to Europe but is also cultivated in the United States. It is a perennial plant with bright yellow flowers. It is native to Europe but is also cultivated in the United States. Native Americans have used St. John’s Wort for hundreds of years for it’s….. Read more

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Improve Your Mental Health With Herbs

Mental Health Herbs

With so much stress in our modern world, sometimes you may feel like you just want to give up. Well don’t. Try taking herbal supplements instead. It’s what your body is craving for. Natural herbs are so much better for us than fast food and overloading on prescription medicine. There are thousands of natural remedies to choose. There’s something for every health condition imaginable. Here are just a few of them to get you started. For a natural mood lifter, try St. John’s….. Read more

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Garlic Health Benefits

Garlic Bulbs

Are you looking for an inexpensive health supplement that can keep you healthy and heal many ailments. Garlic may be just what you’re looking for. For centuries, garlic has been taken as an anti-aging herb and a cure-all for countless health problems. People have been taking garlic as a medicinal herb for at least 5,000 years. It’s really stood the test of time. Why? Because it works. This herb possesses over four hundred nutritional compounds, making it one of the….. Read more

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Health Benefits Of Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea

Many of us have come to the conclusion that the fast paced lifestyle we lead is taking a terrible toll on our health. We indulge in so many unhealthy habits. Yes, we have modern medicine to cure us after we become sick from abusing our bodies for years. But who wants to get ill in the first place? Wouldn’t it be better to feel good all the time and enjoy perfect health? Many people are turning back to ancient herbal remedies to cure, but also prevent disease and illness. Herbs….. Read more

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