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5 Endangered North American Plants With Significant Medicinal Benefits

Picture of Wild Yam plant

Plants have been used medicinally for thousands of years in practically all human cultures, from the traditional medicine of ancient China to Ayurvedic remedies in India to Native American healing salves. Plant-based medicine has been a staple of healing in the ancient world, but there is a huge place for it even today. Still flourishing in a marketplace flooded by chemicals and pharmaceuticals, medicinal plants have irreplaceable roots in all human medicine. In fact, 80% of the….. Read more

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Herbs To Reduce Allergies

Picture of Lady Sneezing

There are many herbs for allergies. Read on to discover which ones can bring you effective relief. Even though modern science has made great advances in medicine, many people prefer a natural alternative to treating the symptoms of allergies. Many prescription medicines and even over-the-counter remedies can bring on nasty, unwanted side effects. These include raising blood pressure, dry mouth, feeling groggy or dizzy and many others. Why suffer through all of this….. Read more

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Goldenseal Benefits For Your Health

Picture of Goldenseal in bloom

Goldenseal or “the yellow root” as it is sometimes called, is a perennial woodland herb that grows in the North Eastern region of the U.S and is part of the Buttercup family. Goldenseal is used for it’s many medicinal properties in a variety of ways both topically as well as internally. This herb has been in constant use since the mid nineteenth century and continues to have a strong following due to it’s effectiveness in treating many ailments. It is one of the most widely used….. Read more

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