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Health Benefits Of Grapes

Picture of Purple Grapes

For thousands of years, grapes have been heralded for their nutritional value as well as their use as a medicine. It is knows that the Egyptians consumed grapes over six thousand years ago. Yes, grapes have been around for a long time. They’re not only delicious, but also great for our health. But not just the fruit of the grape is used for it’s medicinal benefit. The vines and leaves also possess healing properties. An ointment made from grapevine sap was used by….. Read more

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Herbs To Reduce Allergies

Picture of Lady Sneezing

There are many herbs for allergies. Read on to discover which ones can bring you effective relief. Even though modern science has made great advances in medicine, many people prefer a natural alternative to treating the symptoms of allergies. Many prescription medicines and even over-the-counter remedies can bring on nasty, unwanted side effects. These include raising blood pressure, dry mouth, feeling groggy or dizzy and many others. Why suffer through all of this….. Read more

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