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Herbs To Relieve Pain

Picture of Lady with Neck Pain

Today, more then ever, people are going back to natural pain relief remedies. Many people are tired of the high cost and dangerous side effects of prescription drugs. Herbs can help. People have been using herbs to treat many health conditions such as pain for thousands of years. Herbs can be used to treat many pain related ailments such as rheumatism, joint pain and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Herbal Remedy For Rheumatism Pain Rheumatism is a condition mostly effecting….. Read more

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5 Medicinal Mushrooms That Can Improve Your Health

Picture of Maitake Mushroom

Most of us have probably cooked with and eaten mushrooms. But did you know that some of them have very potent healing properties too? We may have tried the more common mushrooms like button and portabella, but there are some less well known mushrooms that are even better for us healthwise. Medicinal mushrooms, though sometimes flavorful, are not used for cooking like common mushrooms. They are most often made into tea or dried and ground into a powder and put into….. Read more

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Herbs History

Definition of Traditional Chinese medicine Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been around for over thirty centuries as is still practiced today as much as ever. It’s a ancient and comprehensive system of medicine that is used to treat any and every ailment a person could possibly have. It takes into account not only the symptoms, but the causes. Rather than just put forward a cure, it focuses on preventive measures too. To the practitioners of TCM, the patterns and laws of….. Read more

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