Cat’s Claw – Miracle Healing Herb from the Amazon

Picture of Cats Claw Plant

Cats Claw Plant

Many people are calling Cat’s claw, the new biochemical nutrient from Peru, “the miracle herb from the Peruvian rain forest”.

Cats claw is a high climbing woody type vine that grows in the upper Amazon areas of South America, such as Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. The vine climbs by using its curved thorns, hence the name cat’s claw. Cats claw’s botanical name is Uncaria. this comes from the Latin word which means hook.

Among the natural healthcare proponents, this herb has been been gaining a lot of attention recently. Though well known in Peru for ages, cat’s claw has just recently been discovered by people living in other countries.

Cat’s claw, also known as “una de gato” in the Spanish language, has of late become more popular due to the many clinical studies recently done in entries such as Germany, England, Italy and Austria.

Many studies have been conducted all over the world on this valuable herb for its use as a medicine. These studies have suggested that cat’s claw may be a valuable treatment for such ailments as allergies, stomach disorders, pain relief, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, cancer and even menstrual irregularities.

Experts agree that there are mainly two different species of cat’s claw that can be used for its healing properties. There is “Uncaria quianensis” which grows in Europe and “Uncaria tomentosa” which is brought into the US. Though different, these two species are basically identical in their medicinal value.

The people living in the regions of the Amazon, have for many years used cat’s claw to treat a wide variety of health ailments. These include stomach and liver disorders as well as arthritis and even cancer. cat’s claw has also proven valuable in treating various skin conditions.

Cat’s claw has the following properties: anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-tumor.

Though much more research needs to be done in this area, cat’s claws is now being considered as a possible treatment for more serious diseases such as HIV.

Though this herb is generally considered safe to consume, some people have reported the following side effects: dizziness diarrhea and nausea. Since cats claw stimulates the immune system, should not be taken with medication used to suppress the immune system. never take this or any other herb without first consulting with your doctor.

Warning: Cat’s claw should NEVER be taken by women who are pregnant, as this herb may cause miscarriage!

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