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Bee Pollen

Picture of a honey bee collecting pollen

Bee Pollen Benefits Bee pollen consists of 20% protein, 25% carbohydrates, 14% fiber, 4.5% fats and 3% minerals and trace vitamins. It has a very high nutritional value due to it’s vitamin and mineral profile. It is easily digested and highly absorbable. It is said to be the most nutritious foods on Earth. It’s often used by athletes to increase energy before an event. It’s high B-vitamin content helps combat stress and anxiety. It also contains a good source of vitamins A,….. Read more

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Herbs For Healthy Aging

Picture of healthy couple

There are so many herbs that can assist you in maintaining great health as you get older. Even if you are already healthy, you can still feel better by using herbs. Herbs are whole food and unlike prescription medicines, generally won’t harm you. People take herbs for many different reasons. Some take herbs to boost energy, relieve indigestion, for skin conditions, for better mood and thousands of more reasons. There’s a herb for just about any situation you can imagine. Herbal….. Read more

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