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Chlorella and the Global Starvation Threat in the 1940s

Picture of Chlorella Tablets

Chlorella is a blue-green algae thriving in freshwater. It is known to have large amounts of chlorophyll, the pigment used by green plants for energy creation. Chlorella benefits are still being investigated today, but did you know that it is already popular in countries like Japan and is commercially available inn powder and capsule forms? Did you also know that it was explored decades ago as a “superfood” that can help meet the food demands of the world, which then was….. Read more

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6 Superfoods To Make You Look Younger

Picture Of Goji Berries

If the signs of aging are getting you down, try these six superfoods that will make you look younger and improve your health too. Goji Berries Goji berries, secret of the Hollywood stars, are an extremely nutritionally dense food and boast an amazing concentration of minerals, amino acids, vitamins, essential fatty acids and photochemicals. With a nutritional makeup like this, it’s no big surprise that they are the latest anti-aging miracle food. These berries are native to….. Read more

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Green Superfood Benefits

Lady Drinking Green Superfood

What Are Green Superfoods? Most people classify green superfoods as healthy and nutritious greens such as barley grass and wheat grass. Also green algae, like chlorella and spirulina are considered green superfoods. There are others of course, but these are the most well-known. You may be asking yourself, why you would want consume these green superfoods. Actually, there are many reasons why you may want to. First of all, they are very healthy and nutritious forms of whole….. Read more

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Herbs For Healthy Aging

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There are so many herbs that can assist you in maintaining great health as you get older. Even if you are already healthy, you can still feel better by using herbs. Herbs are whole food and unlike prescription medicines, generally won’t harm you. People take herbs for many different reasons. Some take herbs to boost energy, relieve indigestion, for skin conditions, for better mood and thousands of more reasons. There’s a herb for just about any situation you can imagine. Herbal….. Read more

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Chlorella Benefits Chlorella can be taken by anyone needing more high quality protein, vitamins and minerals in their diet. It’s very quickly and easily assimilated and goes to work right away. It binds heavy metals to itself and removes them safely from the body. It’s great for de-toxing the body of impurities. Chlorella is considered a “superfood”. This means that is contains many nutrients and offers many health benefits to the human body. Not many foods are classified as….. Read more

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