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The Magic Of Maca Root

Picture of Maca Roots

Maca is a small root which grows in the Andes Mountains of Peru. It has no problem growing in altitudes above twelve thousand feet. It is an extremely hardy plant. The Maca root looks similar to a radish or turnip but has many more health benefits. It’s roots have been harvested as a source of food by the Inca people for over two thousand years. Not wanting to over-harvest wild maca, they now cultivate it to keep up with the growing demand from other countries, such as the….. Read more

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Maca Root

Picture of Maca Plant

Maca Root Benefits Peru, in South America is where you’ll find the Maca plant. It is considered an adaptogen, meaning that is helps the body and mind adapt to stresses of all kinds and exerts an overall normalizing effect on the person who consumes it. Maca root is loaded with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, good fats, amino acids and plant sterols, making it a very nutritious whole food. It has been called a “potent superfood” and can improve our health in many….. Read more

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